Bauble love

I’ve been feeling a lot of love for baubles this year. I normally the type of person who buys wooden or metal decorations but as I’ve been looking around the shops and online it’s baubles that have caught my eye. What was that you say…….new decorations? Yes I need to buy completely new decorations! I’m also loving how a lot of the baubles are not necessarily christmas themed. There’s been lots of baubles that have caught my eye but these ones are my favourite. Please click on the highlighted links to go to the bauble loveliness!

John lewis I went in here with my 2 little boys-BIG mistake! They were grabbing everything in site and I never want to use the words don’t touch again as I must have said it a million times. Anyway that aside the baubles here are fab. They are not too pricey and just look super cool-I would like the pink telephone one please! (All images by John Lewis


Liberty Well if I was filthy rich, I would make a stop here. These are my favourite ones and I know they don’t scream Christmas but I quite like that. Who says a Christmas tree has to just have christmas baubles on it, plus it means technically you can have them out all year? Beehive please! (All images by Liberty London

Studio seed have the most beautiful personalised baubles out there in my opinion. Really gorgeous personalised ones like these are hard to find. Each bauble is beautifully handcrafted by the wonderful team in warwickshire. The have glitter calligraphy or paper cut options to choose from- Seriously how gorgeous! (All images by studio seed )

So there you have it. They are my favorite ones. I hope they have inspired you to go and do a spot of bauble shopping. Tip- don’t take little hands with you!



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