……..I’m back!


Well, after 10 months of being off with baby Austin, I’m officially back at work. I’ll be honest, even though I have really enjoyed being on maternity leave I am really excited to be back at work. I love being creative and having 2 little tots around all day everyday makes that very difficult so now I’m back I can get my ‘Creative back’ (in my best Justin Timberlake singing ‘Sexyback’ Impression) I know….I know….not funny. i know you are all thinking it’s been a year since I last blogged but I’ve been over on Tumblr…….which I now know isn’t really for me so wordpress all the way!

Baby Austin


This morning was a bit hectic as you can imagine. I’ve gone from getting one tot ready and out the door before 9am to 2 so I’m trying to get used to that. Luckily Mr G was there to help this morning. We are having a Mexican themed night with the neighbours on Friday night and are trying to find Mexican themed music so him and the boys were listening to The book of life soundtrack and Austin puked all over Mr Gs head and then continued being sick all over him……..obviously being jigged about on Daddys shoulders at 8am doesn’t really work for him or me as I had to rush around getting him changed!!!


Straight after dropping the babes off it was straight back to business so me and Mr G had a creative thinking session and have made a big business plan going forward. There is sooooo much work to do but It’s all very exciting. I hope you will all follow me and my boys on our creative Journey.

Michelle xox


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